Prince Charming Image and Why Women Love Them

Prince Charming exists in fairy tales with a promise of a happy ever after ending. In real life, Prince Charming is a man who’s defined as almost too good to be true. Yes, just “almost” but not quite – think about Christian Gray from the epic novel Fifty Shades of Gray.

50 Shades of grey

He’s someone who’s gifted with above-average physical attributes with well-polished grooming and exceptional family background. In a perfect world, there might be a real Prince Charming. However, that can only exist in a woman’s fantasy. In reality, Prince Charming could be any man that a woman loves.

The concept of Prince Charming varies from one woman to another. It depends on one’s perception and ideals. For some women, it could be someone with looks like Brad Pitt while for some; it could be someone as charismatic as Will Smith or as manly as Channing Tatum.

Prince Charming doesn’t have to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. Instead, he’s that one guy that seems to be perfect for the woman who adores him regardless of what others think of him. And that is exactly the kind of guy you should aim to be because after all, not everyone matters. 

How to Be a Prince Charming

What does it take to sweep a woman off her feet? Who exactly is Prince Charming? And what makes him such a desirable catch? Let’s find out why he’s every girl’s fantasy.

  • He makes fairy tales happen

A Prince Charming kind of guy will do almost everything a girl could wish for – make arrangements for romantic candlelit dinners, send a bouquet of fresh flowers on random days, organize surprise out-of-town trips and buy her fancy presents.

It’s a reality that not all guys could afford such extravagance. Still, this is just a perspective. Basically, a Prince Charming is someone who’s thoughtful, romantic and knows how to please his girl.

  • Knows how to give complements

Nothing can make a girl feel more special than being appreciated by her man even for the simplest things. A guy who acts like a Prince Charming knows how to complement his girl and can make her feel loved at all times. 

  • Strong enough to defend a woman

Prince Charming is like a knight in shining armour. He can protect and defend her woman at all cost. If you’re this type of guy, you know exactly what it takes to be strong enough.

This could be a muscular and lean physique, a black belt in martial arts, an authoritative aura like a man in uniform or perhaps a strong presence. 

  • Smart and Good Sense of Humor

Every fairy tale has some humor infused in it. Therefore, to play the part of a Prince Charming, you must be smart enough with a good sense of humor. A true Prince Charming has the capacity to make his woman laugh and be happy. He is self-assured, is not afraid to tell jokes and can handle some humor. 

  • Can Make a Woman Fall for Him Effortlessly

It doesn’t matter what kind of Prince Charming you’d want to be as long as your intention is to win over a girl’s heart. You can be the “Beast” or even Shrek and still manage to make a woman fall in love with you with your wit and personality.

Keep in mind that sometimes, the concept of Prince Charming is just in a woman’s mind. There is no clear cut definition of his traits and personality. Whoever you are and whatever you do, if you have what it takes to make a woman fall for you without any intention of breaking her heart, you can be the perfect Prince Charming for her. 

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