The Gentleman Image: Qualities that Women Love About Them

Some people could argue that being a gentleman has gone outdated; or that it’s all about classist ideals and meant only for the wealthy society.

However, a modern gentleman exhibits class whether he’s a CEO of a multinational company or an average employee, or whether he’s driving the most high-end sports car or just a beat-up sedan.

Today’s gentleman understands the strengths and complexities of a modern woman yet still respects and appreciates the fact that she’s still a woman with her own expectations. 

A typical gentleman holds doors for women and elderly people is courteous with his girl’s family, assists and waits for his date to be seated before taking a seat, helps her put on her coat and allows her to speak first.

A gentleman always take care of the woman next to him.

Traditional beliefs state that a true gentleman follows the golden rule, “ladies first”. In this modern age, a gentleman is a guy who is well-dressed, well-mannered, has a clear goal in life and works hard to make a good impression to win over a woman’s heart. 

Do you have what it takes to become a true gentleman?

One good thing about being a gentleman is that it can be learned. Although some have that natural charisma and gentlemanly charm, anyone can play the part of being a gentleman.

Even if you’re the boy-next-door type of guy that’s average looking and doesn’t come from a prestigious university, you can become a gentleman in your own way. It’s all about enhancing your looks, polishing your manners and improving yourself to impress that one girl you like.

You can start by practicing good etiquette, wearing the right clothes and making sense with what you’re saying. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either.

A man who wants to practice decency, class and sophistication can always study the moves of a gentleman. It may not come out naturally at first but it sure pays to have refined manners and a good sense of style to feel good and to become more confident about your self.

What Defines a Gentleman?

  • Manners

Some women are drawn to men who are well-mannered in speaking and in dealing with other people. There is something sexy about a man who knows what he’s talking about and who’s certain about his moves. 

  • Suitable Clothes

Gentlemen are not necessarily the masters in male fashion but rather know what to wear at any given occasion. In addition to that, they know which clothes suit them well and are smart enough not to wear neons and animal prints. In general, gentlemanly types have a classic sense of style.

A gentleman is always properly dressed.

They stick to the basics and don’t experiment much on what’s trending. Instead, they focus on looking neat, decent and presentable. They are generous enough to give the spotlight to their woman.

  • Maturity

Gentlemen know very well that kissing and telling is not cool and making crude remarks about someone behind his back is a complete turn-off. They know which things are not meant to be disclosed and they don’t curse unnecessarily.

Men who are truly a gentleman don’t mind helping out in the house and refuse to become a burden to others. They are considerate of others’ feelings and know exactly when they are needed the most. 

  • Good Hygiene

Gentlemen know that personal hygiene is important. Thus, they take good care of themselves and pay attention to their grooming but not to the extent of being vain. Instead, they take the necessary steps to make sure that they look well enough to impress others and the woman they’re pursuing. 

  • Always On-Time

Being a gentleman requires maturity and that includes respect for other people’s time. This means being prompt on dates and important occasions.

Those who are true gentlemen know that it’s not right to keep their date waiting or to waste their valuable time. Instead, they should be the one waiting for their date and understanding the fact that women usually take more time to get ready. 

  • Avoids Confrontations

A gentleman knows better than to yell, shout and argue with his woman. When things get rough, he backs out slowly, gives his woman enough time and space to think things over and then comes back calm and collected. Conflicts are handled in a more mature way – no cursing and exchange of hurtful words. 

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