What Women Want: Ways to Win Over a Woman’s Heart

Every man’s hub to finding the right techniques to win over a woman’s heart. We all know that every man wants to impress a woman without necessarily compromising his own identity – or pride for that matter.

This site aims to shed light on different male personalities and how each one can be used to your advantage in order to make your woman fall for you. 

Whether you want to figure out how to get a girlfriend or simply want to be a better man for the woman you’re currently in a relationship with, we will show you how to tap into the parts of yourself that satisfies what women look for in a man.

What’s TransitioMX About?

What does it take to be the kind of man that a woman would fall for? What do women want in a man? These may be some of the questions that you ask yourself whenever you see happy couples passing by while you’re dealing with yet another failed relationship or worse, another rejection from a girl.

Men first impressions matter for 99% of women

If you’re having trouble trying to impress that one girl you’ve been eyeing on, it may be time for you to assess your own personality to determine that one technique that would suit you best and work to your advantage.

Oh, and no, we’re not disregarding a man’s way of spoiling a girl with gifts such as discounted luxury handbag or jewelry that you try to find to treat a girl. It’s just that gifting is not the only way to conquer a woman’s heart.

What Do Women Want?

Oftentimes, you think that what women really want in a man is a top-secret or difficult to obtain because you can’t seem to get it right. But in reality, there’s no secret formula to it. Women tend to like men for who they are and not what they’re pretending to be.

Be yourself when meeting women

Men who are certain about who they are and know how to highlight their best personalities usually succeed in winning over a girl’s heart.  It just happens. And this may be attributed to three (3) basic factors which are; physical attraction, chemistry, and impression.

We all know for a fact that we cannot fake physical attraction and chemistry. You cannot force these things to happen. However, the third factor is something that you can control and re-invent – that’s making an impression.

The impression that you create for yourself has an impact on how you can possibly conquer the woman you want. Dig deep within yourself on what techniques would work to your advantage without necessarily compromising your own identity. This could mean running that extra mile to make sure that you won’t lose sight of your goal.

Discover Yourself

Remember, playing the part and using any form of technique must complement your own personality. Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not. The goal is to bring out the best in you, especially your best qualities, and not to lose yourself in the process.

It’s important: Don’t pretend, simply impress with your own qualities.

Keep in mind that you want to impress and not to pretend. Here are some tips on how you can start developing your best self for the woman you’re trying to win over.

Balance Your Level of Confidence

Being too shy will prevent you from approaching the girl while being overly confident can draw her away from you. What you need to figure out is the perfect balance of confidence that complements your personality.

This can facilitate your smooth moves without coming in too naive or too fresh. Women like men who are self-assured and exude a positive aura. It makes the “getting to know each other” stage much easier to handle. 

Work on Your communication skills

Stuttering, stammering and making the wrong choice of words can ruin your chances of winning over a girl. The best thing to do is to

Practice Talking to Women

Nowadays, it’s much easier for men to practice on their social and communication skills through the chat line numbers. Talking to other single women or strangers using the chat lines can help you work on your ability to communicate and introduce yourself.

Practice chatting with women

You can practice delivering your smooth lines and experiment on lines that work and don’t work. By calling the chat lines, you can also overcome your awkwardness and develop the confidence to carry out good and meaningful conversations. 

Be Desirable and Sexy

Being desirable and sexy can be highly subjective because there are many different things that women find sexy in a guy. Some women find men who are funny and friendly as sexy; while others prefer the quiet and mysterious types.

How you would present your own version of sexy is all up to you – as long as you don’t overdo it.

Make use of your best traits and work from there. Don’t be pretentious is an attempt to present yourself as sexy because your natural self is still your best asset.

For winning moves and catchy lines, you can try reading men’s magazines for some tips or calling the adult lines to develop your sensual side. A subtle hint of sexiness in your personality can lock in a woman’s attention and make her wonder more about you.

How to Seduce Women

What type of personality do you have? What are your best traits as a man? Every man is uniquely different and we have been gifted with natural qualities.

First impressions matter. just remember: Be you.

Make use of these qualities to conquer that one woman you want to keep for yourself. We aim to discuss the following techniques you could use to possibly create that perfect impression;

  • The Bad Boy: rebellious, adventurous and rugged-looking
  • The Gentleman: decent, refined and well-mannered
  • The Boy-Next-Door: dependable, trustworthy and pleasant
  • The Prince Charming: polished, educated and seems “too-good-to-be-true”
  • The Man in Uniform: authoritative, dignified and strong
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