The Boy Next Door Image and What Makes It So Attractive

The term “boy-next-door” is a prototype that is often used in novels to describe a male character that is young, wholesome, average-looking and likeable who “lives next door”.

He’s usually defined as the type of guy any girl can have a crush with or a good boy who is worthy of every parent’s trust. By standard, a guy who’s described as a boy-next-door type is someone who’s dependable, pleasant-looking and easily accessible – someone who’s fun to be with. 

Girls tend to like boy-next-door types because they’re easy to get along with and they’re comfortable to have around. There is no need to make an effort to look good all the time or to act too ladylike because they make such good company or great friends – and we all know for a fact that friends accept you for who you are without expectations and demands.

If you’re a boy-next-door type, you would most likely be attractive but you don’t pay much attention to it and you’re generally a good guy. 

Qualities of a Boy-Next-Door Which Women Like

A boy-next-door typically means an ordinary guy. Somebody who is neither drop-dead gorgeous nor ugly; not too brilliant yet not too smart either.

He’s someone with whom you can sit down and have a friendly chat with about anything under the sun and won’t get offended simply because you disagree on some things. Here are some of the best qualities of a boy-next-door which women find adorable about them;

  • Comfortable Nature

Boy-next-door types are not self-conscious. Although they don’t try to impress girls that much, they’re far from the typical bad boy types because they’re more dependable.

They’re fine about being within their comfort zones and they know pretty much about the people in their neighborhood.

They are also far from the typical Prince Charming because they’re generally average-looking with a subtle hint of sexiness. Their appeal comes from their personality which is comforting and reassuring. They also have this relaxing and comfortable vibe that makes you want to talk to them whenever you need a friend.

  • Funny

One attribute of a boy-next-door is that familiar sense of humor. Girls find that funny and appealing because it makes them feel comfortable and at home with the person. It’s as if there’s no room for self-consciousness and there’s no need to create a perfect impression.

Everything just feels right and natural – like being with an old friend. While it’s far from being fairy tale romantic, time spent with a boy-next-door is always pleasant, fun and light.

  • Down-to-Earth

A boy-next-door type of person won’t make anyone feel intimidated by his presence. He’s accessible and easy to get along with.

If you’re this type of guy and you can manage to win over a girl’s heart, you’re obviously breaking the norms of fairy tale stories and defying female fantasies with your wit and charm. Moreover, most boy-next-door type of guys usually attracts good and decent girls and this counts as a huge plus factor. 

  • Good Circle of Friends

With their wholesome and good boy image, most boy-next-door types have a good circle of friends. They don’t hang around with the bad guys or gangsters in their neighborhood.

The typical neighbor that everybody likes is usually smiling and surrounded by friends

They prefer clean fun and they are respectful towards others especially their elders. Some girls would find this quite unexciting and boring. Still, being a boy-next-door can save you from a lot of trouble and can help you maintain a clean and good image. 

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